the BEST time is now!

Hello! My name is Shelby Dunn. I am from a small town in central Illinois and work full time as a cosmetologist. I love my job and adore making my clients feel beautiful. I have a huge passion for beauty/fashion but also love to spend time in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

This year for my birthday I am making one of my dreams come true by launching this blog.

Charles Buxton said “You will never find time for anything. You must make it.” and he is so right. I have decided that my time is now and I will pursue this dream of mine. I can dwell all day long on the “whys” and “what if’s” about starting a blog but what good does that do? I am going to take the leap and ride this adventure out. I would be so honored for you to follow along.

Many of you have been following me on Instagram and have given me lots of encouragement and support to fulfill this dream. As my season of life is changing, I look at this blog as an outlet for me to share my journey. I am very far from perfect and quite frankly I am horrible with grammar so bear with me. I want to be 100% real with myself and others so just remember life is full of mistakes but we can use them as learning opportunities.

My ultimate goal is to share my love for fashion, food, and fun. Life can be busy and hectic so my goal is to find the good in the midst of the crazy. I plan to share a little bit of everything in my life. If there is anything y’all wanna know contact me and I’d love to answer any questions or do another post about things you’d like to see.


IMG_3797 2




I am filled with gratitude for all the help so far with getting this thing up and running (you know who you are)! I love y’all so much.

Thank you for stopping by and remember don’t take yourself to seriously, life is more fun that way!

xoxo, Shelby

shelby dunn2


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