Happy 4th!



I don’t know about y’all but I LOVE this holiday. I haven’t decided if it’s because my birthday is July 1st or because I love our country?! I can act like the fireworks are part of my birthday present and “ooh and ahh” over the beauty in the sky.

Summer in general makes everyone a little happier so the 4th makes the perfect excuse for having a backyard bbq. My neighborhood does a pretty good job at having little festivities throughout the week of the 4th and having all my friends and family in one place makes my heart the happiest.

Like all holidays, you know they are coming up because of the transformation of the candy isle, dollar spot in target, and basically everywhere in the store. My favorite part is when the skittles are red, white, and blue because those flavors are the BEST!

This year I decided I was going to make a couple different things to take to the neighborhood cookout. The decision is always tough because everyone knows when you look on Pinterest for ideas it sucks you in until you spend too much time browsing and not enough time actually making anything.

Deciding on my favorite sweet and salty snack: chocolate covered pretzels rods with different festive sprinkles is the winner.

What you’ll need: Pretzels rods, white almond bark, and sprinkles of your choice (I like using a variety!)



When I heat my chocolate, I put two/three chunks of almond bark into a bowl and pop it into the microwave for 30 second intervals until completely melted. (Quick tip: when chocolate is melted spoon in just a tad of coconut oil– it will help keep the chocolate runny) I then dip my pretzel rod into the chocolate and lay flat on wax paper. Personally I do about four rods and then toss the sprinkles over top. (blooper: my dad couldn’t wait until the pretzels were done so he had to make his own snack)

IMG_2412   IMG_2416.jpg   IMG_2419.jpg

The waiting game is next, I patiently wait for all the chocolate to dry and then serve. So quick, so easy, and oh so good!


Since I wanted to take a couple things, I also decided to make fruit popsicles.

What you’ll need for these: can of coconut water or sprite, strawberries, and blueberries.


The only prep you really need to do is wash your fruit and chop up the strawberries. After that is done, I just dropped a handful of fruit pieces into the slots of my popsicle maker. After, I pour the coconut water over top until it reaches the fill line. If you are not a fan of coconut water, you could easily switch it out for sprite!


Let chill in freezer until fully frozen and then serve.


These are like the easiest, most refreshing treats for a summer night! *super low in calories- can’t beat that*

What are you doing for the 4th?! Did you make anything for a backyard BBQ?

I hope you have had a fun and safe holiday!

xoxo, Shelby

shelby dunn2

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