Product Unite!!

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope you are having a good start to your week. It’s been 6 days since the darn wisdom teeth removal and ALL I can think about is chips and salsa!!! But I’ll be at El Toro soon enough so in the mean time I’ll share about my favorite styling products.


I love lots of texture and lots of volume and these products help me achieve that look every time. Typically I wash my hair two to three times a week. For shampoo and conditioner I use Aveda Smooth Infusion, seriously so good.

As far as wet hair goes I use these two products below. 7 Seconds is literally the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion. If your hair is notorious for tangles and knots this will be your bestie! It detangles hair, adds shine while working as a thermal protector, pluuus protects and strengthens the hair instantly. Hello no brainer amirite?! And BOOSTA just says it all. Spray a little right at your roots before blow drying and make your volume dreams come true with a weightless hold.


Once my hair is dry and ready to be curled I like to spray Texturiza all over to prep. This is the perfect product for any hair type because it is a medium workable spray to help with texture and fullness.

Expanda Dust, y’all is my most favorite styling product. If you want instant volume either at your roots or in your curls, grab this one! It is a translucent powder that you puff right onto your roots and massage into your scalp. Believe me when I say a little bit goes a long way. I sometimes get carried away and then have a fluff ball of hair that I have to comb out LOL.

Onto hairspray, I have always been into hairspray. My mom used to get so mad at me cause I would basically coat my bathroom with that grit haha. Aveda has the perfect light weight and workable hold hairspray that is so good. Air Control light hold hairspray is my best friend. Hairspray to me is like sprinkles on the cake, it adds the last final touch.


I suppose while I’m here, I will touch on a dry shampoo. Honestly, I don’t really use dry shampoo all that often but when I do… this moroccanoil dark tones dry shampoo is my go to. Spray it on your roots and massage into scalp to leave hair clean and refreshed. This will help to go that extra day before having to wash your hair.


All of these products can be found at Timothy John Salon in Urbana. I’m telling you run, don’t walk to get your new fav styling products. Using all of them helps me achieve the perfect textured wave!


If you end up trying these, let me know which one is your favorite.. that is if you can pick just one πŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading!

xoxo, Shelby

shelby dunn2

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